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Sea of Love

I stumbled and fell upon myself when I saw you
You are my sea of love
A boundless sea of honey
Waves that bring me unblemished cheerfulness
Love that swims my way
Cotton clouds that deliver the sunrise of my sunny smile
The energy behind this love wave
Creating a Love Storm like no other
As oceans between us are not that far
While crimson cherries fall from the sky above into the loving sea for you and me to eat
Cherishing this beautiful journey of Love and Life
For all to see…..




People make life blurry
And make life so fake
Creating a cloud of mistakes
So, push away this unwanted smog
Live life your way
Make your own choices
Never ever be influenced by others
And the utmost thing is to always be true to yourself and to certain others….



Our love reflects in each other’s heart
Our love reflects outward to the world that we are one and in love
Our love is a reflection of true happiness and love
Our love is a reflection that true love will never fizzle
Our love is a reflection that we will be forever
And our love is a reflection of a reflection that true love does exist



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